Third Level Students Forced To Use Hotel Accommodation.

Third-level students attending college in Limerick are being forced to stay in hotels, because they cannot locate suitable rented accommodation within the city.

Those studying in Limerick claim they are forced to pay up to €390.00 weekly for five night’s accommodation in a hotel, as part of a deal struck between the Mary Immaculate College (MIC) students union and three city hotels.

MIC Thurles Campus.

We learn that MIC Students Union has come to a similar accommodation agreement with one hotel here in Thurles; where the college operates a smaller MIC third level institution, based on the former St. Patrick’s College, campus.

However, the latter information is being viewed by Thurles residents as somewhat misleading, possibly in an effort to bolster MIC Students Union claims, affecting the Limerick City problem.

The five-night accommodation shortage, required from Sunday to Thursday, is being caused in Limerick by a number of factors including : –
(1) Remote learning caused due to the coronavirus over the past 18 months, thus resulting in houses that used to be available to students having been taken out of that market and being rented to long-term tenants.
(B) A dramatic fall in the number of people offering traditional “digs” to students.
(C) Numerous reports of anti-social behaviour, leading to extensive property damage; same attributed to alcohol consumption and drugs.


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