Gardaí Seek To Return 140 Pieces Of Stolen Jewellery.

Gardaí are seeking to return some 140 pieces of jewellery to their rightful owners. Each piece is believed to have been stolen somewhere in Ireland and Gardaí state they do not actually know from whence they were stolen.

The items in question include watches, pendants and rings, which were seized during a number multiple searches of a house in the greater Tallaght area, between February and April of 2021.

The items were placed on displayed at Crumlin Garda Station this morning and have an estimated value of some €165,000. Gardaí are convinced that the items were removed from private residential properties during a series of burglaries.

The items include rings and pendants worth €73,000; diamonds valued at €55,000, (latter which Gardaí believe may have been removed from their original settings), and 41 watches worth around €37,000.

All items have now been catalogued and can be viewed by the public HERE. [Note: Because of the high quality and number of the photographs in the pdf file supplied, site is slow to open, so give it a few extra seconds.]

Anyone who believes they may be the owner of any of the items on view, same can contact Crumlin Garda Station at Tel:- 01-6666200.


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