EPA – Do Simple Radon Test In Your Homes

EPA survey highlights need for everyone to do a simple radon test in their homes

  • Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas and every year in Ireland 300 lung cancer cases are linked to radon exposure.
  • EPA commissioned a survey of over 1000 people on their attitudes to radiation.
  • 28 per cent of people surveyed were concerned about radiation.
  • While 82 per cent of people have heard of radon 66 per cent of them said they are unlikely to test their homes.
  • Testing your home and fixing a radon problem can reduce the risk to your health from this radioactive gas.

A survey exploring Irish attitudes towards radiation found that 28% of people are concerned about radiation. In Ireland, radon accounts for more than half of our radiation exposure. However, while awareness of radon gas is high, two out of three people said that they are unlikely to test their home, believing their homes to be unaffected by radon.

Commenting on the survey, Ms Stephanie Long, (EPA Senior Scientist) said, “Many people don’t know that radon is the largest contributor to radiation dose in Ireland. If there is a high radon level in your home, it is exposing you and your family to unnecessary radiation. While radon levels in certain parts of the country are higher than, others the gas can be found in homes of all types and ages throughout the country. Yet, despite the risks there continues to be a reluctance amongst householders to protect their health by testing their homes for radon.”

Reducing radon levels in homes and other buildings is simple and inexpensive and immediately reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. For moderate levels of radon, improving indoor ventilation may reduce the level by up to half. For higher levels, a fan assisted sump can be installed which can reduce radon levels by over 90%. The sump can be installed in one day by a contractor with little disruption to the home.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Clare Kambamettu is a homeowner who found high levels of radon in her home, which she acted on and remediated. Dr. Kambamettu had a radon sump installed in her Galway home which addressed the high radon levels.

Dr. Kambamettu commented: “We were worried when our test showed high levels of radon in our home. We soon found out that the solution was surprisingly easy. Most of the work was done quickly from the outside of our home with very little disruption. And the best part was that once the work was done, the risk was gone too, as our radon levels were reduced so much.”

For more information on radon and to find a list of registered radon testing and remediation services, visit, or freefone 1 800 300 600.


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