Possible Holycross Visitor Experience Being Examined.

Holycross community are possibly moving forward with a plan to create a Holycross Visitor Experience, next to and within the present Holycross Abbey grounds.

It is hoped that this experience will encourage more tourism into the area, while creating jobs and further boosting the local economy.

People are being asked if they could take a few minutes to complete a survey which would help those involved, to evaluate how people feel this space could be best used and designed to further benefit the community and the wider surrounding areas.

Community Consultation SurveyPlease VIEW HERE and complete.

While the project is currently up for discussion one possible aim is to create a visitor type experience; telling the story of the monks who once inhabited the area, concentrating perhaps on the way they lived their lives etc. Perhaps stories regarding the true cross; utilising this experience as a preparation for entering into the main historic Abbey Church building.

This exciting project will be a completely community led project, so as much feedback as possible is being sought from the local Tipperary public.


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