Thurles.Info’s Mid-Week Giggle is delighted that so many of you enjoyed last week’s midweek giggle, so here’s another video that is sure to have you in stitches. Today’s midweek laugh features comedian, radio presenter and TV personality Alan Carr, as he reads a letter that was once sent to an insurance company.

What follows video hereunder is an excruciatingly funny letter that details a series of very unfortunate events involving a Toilet Roll Holder, the Emergency Services and a delicate part of the male anatomy.

As you can gather, in the video, the person who wrote the reply letter, had been asked to do so by his insurance company, because his response to the question “Reason for hospital visit” had been “Stupidity”; thus not seen by the latter as an adequate explaination of matters, necessitating a pay out from the insurance company.


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