Easy & Delicious Filled Easter Egg Desserts.

It’s the ‘No Bake Easter Dessert’ that has become quite the trend in recent years and you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Known as a ‘loaded’ or filled Easter Egg, it’s full of calories, but a well-deserved treat at the end of a particularly tough Lenten period.

The basic ingredient needed for this dessert is half a chocolate Easter egg. After that, select additional ingredients from the suggested fillings listed below.

To start, you could fix your half Easter egg so that it doesn’t wobble. To do this, simply heat the base of your chocolate egg half, using a bowl over a saucepan of hot water, checking continuously until the chocolate starts to soften. Then, transfer the egg half to a dessert plate and fix it in place until the chocolate hardens again. However, if you don’t mind a wobbly half Easter egg , you can skip this step altogether.

Next, load the half Easter egg with your favourite sweet and dessert fillings. Here are some suggestions we found online, as well as some of our own suggestions. No matter what filling you choose, your Easter egg is sure to taste delicious.

Suggestions for Quick and Easy Fillings:

Your favourite ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce and hundreds and thousands.
A mixture of your favourite sweets.
A Fruit Salad with cream.
A Banana Split (View recipe HERE).
A Knickerbocker Glory (View recipe HERE).
Chocolate Rice Krispies topped with your favourite sweets.
Rice Krispie Marshmallow Treats topped with your favourite sweets (View recipe HERE).

Suggestions for More Ambitious Fillings:

Cheesecake: View recipe hereunder.

Banoffee Pie: View recipe hereunder.

Eton Mess (View recipe HERE).
Biscuit Cake (View recipe HERE).

For the ‘bigger’ children this Easter, a chocolate egg filled with plain, soft scoop icecream and a dash or two of Bailey’s Irish Cream might be just the ticket, when the kids are safely tucked into bed.


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