Warning From An Garda Síochána, Tipperary.

Firstly: note there will be hazardous icy conditions in places overnight with a widespread severe frost and pockets of freezing fog.
Please, only make essential journeys, but if you have to drive, reduce your speed and drive with the full knowledge of the prevailing conditions in your area.

Secondly: Gardaí would like to advise motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended when defrosting windscreens in the morning, during this exceptionally cold weather.

When defrosting your vehicle, defrost externally by using de-icer or warm water, or if you start the engine, please remain inside your car and take the time to defrost your windscreen thoroughly.
Never leave your car unattended, while it is unlocked or while the engine is running.

Two cars were stolen while they were being defrosted this morning, January 8th, 2021, in separate incidents in Co. Longford and Co. Kildare. Both incidents occurred outside people’s homes. No arrests have been made and these vehicles have yet to be located.

If you need to use your car for essential travel during the current cold spell ensure your car has been fully de-iced and warmed before driving, and ensure tyres and wipers are adequate for these cold driving conditions.


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