Fly-Tipper Dumps Trash On Tipperary Roadside

Over the course of Saturday night/Sunday morning last, some uncouth barbarian had the marvellous idea of dumping his waste, having cleaned out the contents of his shed for Xmas.

However, what wasn’t such a good idea was that under the cover of darkness, he fly-tipped his unwanted waste product on the side of the Urlingford road, in the area of Leigh, Two-Mile-Borris, Co. Tipperary.

We understand the matter will be notified to Tipperary Co. Council on Monday morning, so expectd Council employees, each armed with a magnifying glass, who will arrive post haste to forensically examine the dumped content.

Leaving or throwing litter in a public place is an offence that can result in a maximum fine of €3,000 if you are convicted in the District Court. If you are convicted of a litter offence, you may also have to pay the local authority’s legal costs.

Christmas 2020 could be an expensive time for some parent, whose kid once drove a plastic red Mini Cooper toy car.

Just you wait until Ms Cora Morrissey (Administrative Officer at Tipperary Co. Council’s Environment & Climate Action Section) gets to hear about this; she will be livid. Obviously her two arrogant bin detectives, employed by Tipperary Co. Council, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last March; [They were checking if I owned bins], failed to call to this fly-tipper’s home regarding his method of recycling.

Oh, I would say it was someone from Dublin, sure no person in Tipperary would behave in that fashion. Didn’t I say it then and I say it now, allowing people to travel outside their county boundaries during a Covid-19 pandemic was a bad idea. 😃😇😃😇


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