Angela’s Christmas ‘Stealing Baby Jesus’

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”.

St. Matthew Gospel Chapter 7: Verse 12.

Amidst the hundreds of Christmas Movies available to watch this festive season, be sure to take some time to relax and watch the heart-warming tale of ‘Angela’s Christmas’.

Set in Co. Limerick, Ireland in 1914, and based on a tale by Frank McCourt, ‘Angela’s Christmas’ will captivate audiences both young and old.

It’s Christmas Eve and Angela is off to Mass with her family, when she spots a baby Jesus in need of clothes more suited to our Irish weather. With wit and determination, little Angela hatches a plan, that takes her on a comical, but poignant, adventure.

Created by Ireland’s own award-winning Brown Bag Animation Studio, and featuring an all-star Irish cast, ‘Angela’s Christmas’, [available to view on NETFLIX], captures so much of what really matters at this time of year; namely our families, our children, faith and humanity.

At another level, ‘Angela’s Christmas’ is a powerful reminder that the simplest gestures at Christmas can make a huge difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.
Do remember this Christmas, that you can make a difference to those less fortunate by supporting many of our local Thurles charitable groups including: Thurles Lions Club, St Vincent de Paul, and Thurles Meals on Wheels.

As stated ‘Angela’s Christmas’ is available to stream on NETFLIX and is rated U.
A sequel, ‘Angela’s Christmas Wish’, has been released on NETFLIX in recent weeks.

Both films are ideal educational viewing for school students, coming up to the Christmas Holiday period


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