Covid-19 Update: Mon. 10th Aug. 2020 – 0 New Deaths – 57 New Cases

“Keep fighting hard against Covid-19 virus”

This evening, the Department of Health has confirmed that there have been zero new death caused by this pandemic, leaving the overall death toll here in the Republic of Ireland remaining at 1,772.

However, there are 57 new additional cases reported to the Department of Health, leaving the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception, at 26,768.

One case here in Co. Tipperary has been de-notified, leaving the overall total number of confirmed cases in the county standing at 546.

There has been a small reduction in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in hospitals in the Republic, down from 14 to 12. These patients are in eight hospitals; University Hospital Limerick, Kilkenny city, Mater, Tallaght University Hospital, Beaumont, Cavan, Drogheda and Naas.

Six of the 12 patients with confirmed Covid-19 remain in intensive care units.

Some 19 cases of todays cases are located in Kildare; 11 in Dublin; 10 in Offaly; 7 in Limerick; and the remainder are in counties Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry and Wicklow.

On the first day when face coverings have become mandatory in all shops and other indoor spaces; Ireland’s incidence of Covid-19 cases, per 100,000 people, over the past 14 days has remained higher than that experienced within the UK. These figures are confirmed by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC).

These new regulations, introduced as mandatory today, do not apply to children under 13 years old or to workers who are separated from others by a screen or are in a position where the can keep two metres away from other personnel.

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