Resident Parking Suggested For New Thurles Carpark

Photo (A) Exit west unto Slievenamon Road, (B) View South Side looking from West to East, (C) View North Side with Entrance from Liberty Square, looking from West to East, (D) Exit South unto Thomond Road

It is expected that the new Thurles carpark, facilitated by the demolition of Jack Griffin’s newsagents shop in Liberty Square, should be open by August 31st. next.

With this new car park coming on stream here in Thurles, the local authority have been requested to examine off-street parking within the town centre.

In the past, local authority planners have failed miserably to take into account planning applications for new businesses. One strong example within Thurles is the area of Kickham Street / Ikerrin Road, where three businesses were granted planning in recent years, e.g. A Supermarket, Tiling Shop and Veterinary Clinic.

All three businesses, while attracting excellent custom; same automatically has resulted in there being no car parking spaces for elderly local residents, who’s homes directly front on Kickham street and who were in occupation in their homes, long before these new businesses ever came into existance.

Traffic within this area is now so dense; same generated by staff working in these businesses; customers and larger vehicles making local deliveries, that elderly residents are now being forced to park over a quarter of a mile away. Some are now obliged to park vehicles in neighbours gardens on Ikerrin Road. Promises to remove vacant properties to provide parking, have fallen on deaf ears and almost weekly, parked cars are being damaged in ‘hit and run’ like incidents.


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