“Champagne Football”, Hits Bookshelves In September

Tipp. TD Mr Alan Kelly & Mr John Delaney

A book titled “Champagne Football: The Rise and Fall of John Delaney and the Football Association of Ireland” is ready for publication in September of this year, by Penguin, latter publishers of bestselling nonfiction.

Sunday Times newspaper journalists Mr Paul Rowan and Mr Mark Tighe have written the book after their previous 2019 journalistic revelations greatly influenced events, which in turn would eventually call a hault to Mr Delaney’s time at the summit of Irish football.

Readers will remember that in March 2019, both journalists tangled with the FAI; overcoming a court injunction, latter which attempted to halt the publishing of a story relating to Mr Delaney’s payment of €100,000 to a cash strapped FAI organisation.

In the book, latter promised to be released on 17th September 2020, Mr Tighe and Mr Rowan dig deeply into the story of Mr Delaney’s 15-year career resulting in the FAI’s descent into total ruin. They show how he surrounded himself with people whose personal loyalty could be counted on and a FAI board that failed to notice that the association’s finances were totally shot.

Mr Tighe was acknowledged as the “News Journalist of the Year” for his exploits in 2019, while Mr Rowan is a winner of the NewsBrands “Campaigning Journalism” and “Investigative Journalism” accolades.


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