Covid-19 Scam Targets New Special Welfare Workers

With another 219 cases of coronavirus announced in the Republic of Ireland tonight; taking the total to 1,125 identified cases [20 of which are in Co. Tipperary], the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection are warning of a new Coronavirus scam being aimed at new special welfare payment workers.

These low life confidence trickster are phoning people who have applied for the special welfare payment, after being temporally sent home because of Covid-19 pandemic and are posing as officials from banks, seeking financial details in order, supposedly, to process their personel payments.

BE WARNED: This is a total SCAM and note Financial Institutions and Government Departments will NEVER phone or Email individuals seeking details regarding private financial information.

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection wish to specifically state that they have become very aware of a number of members of the public having received such phone calls from individuals purporting to be from financial institutions; while requesting individual private financial details.


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