Employees Forced To E-Work From Home Can Claim Tax Relief

Revenue Commissioners

The many employees who have recently been requested by employers to work from their homes, as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, can avail of Revenue’s e-worker tax relief.

Many employees currently, latter who most likely have never directly worked from homes previously, will possibly be totally unaware of this relief that is now correctly available to them.

In excess of 100,000 employees daily already work from home, even before the Covid-19 outbreak. The Revenue commissioners have previously made provisions for these employees to be reimbursed for their work-related expenses, which would include heating, electricity and required broadband costs / expenses. People working from home over the coming weeks, and possibly months into the future, will automatically incur these additional costs.

From a tax perspective, an employer can also pay €3.20 a day to their employees to cover these additional costs. However, since employers have no legal obligation to pay, these expenses still remain eligible for tax relief, which constitutes the right by home-workers to claim tax back.

Note: Any such claims made, must be supported with evidence in the form of receipts and possibly a letter from your employer, indicating that employees worked from home, and that they the employer, have not reimbursed the employee in relation to these expenses.


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