Today 106 People Wait For A Bed In Tipperary Hospitals

Some 614 patients are being treated on trolleys at hospitals across the 26 counties of Ireland this morning, all waiting for beds to become available.

Some 433 patients are waiting in emergency department, while 181 other patients are in wards, spread elsewhere in affected hospitals.

As usual, University Hospital Limerick, serving north Tipperary, whose staff remain under intolerable pressure; are once again the worst affected with 74 people awaiting beds. Clonmel General Hospital, latter serving the needs of South Tipperary, have 32 patients on trolley’s awaiting beds, according to figures supplied by INMO Trolly Watch.

In all, over 17.26 % of all patients nationally, who are without a bed this morning, are to be found located, waiting in hospitals supposedly serving the people of Tipperary.


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