Track Storm Lorenzo From Here

To those of you worried or just curious about ‘Storm Lorenzo’, latter due to visit our shores tomorrow; you can view the storm’s progress by clicking on line HERE.

Note: Viewers using the above link can change date and times at the bottom of the viewing panel for estimates of where the storm will be in the hours ahead and see estimates of windspeeds expected.

While the exact impact of this storm has yet to be fully determined, it makes for good sense to take all necessary safety steps in advance, rather than when expected high winds and heavy rain actually arrive.

Members of the farming community, costal fishermen and persons living in rural areas are warned to be extra vigilant and take all necessary precautions as Storm Lorenzo approaches the country.

Secure all loose objects around your home. Do wait until the storm abates to check on livestock and property, wear a high visibility jacket, bring a fully charged mobile phone and make sure someone in your home knows where you are going and when you intend to return.

Please do stay safe.


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