Children’s Book Of The Month

“Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum”

Authoress, Kay O’Connell

Newly published authoress, Kay O’Connell, will launch her children’s book, ‘Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum’, here in Thurles on Friday, July 19th next, at 7.00pm in Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Acknowledged already as an accomplished writer of both poetry and prose, this will be Kay’s first children’s work to be published in paperback / hardback format.

Kay O’Connell currently resides here in Co. Tipperary, in the scenic, yet quiet, rural hinterland of Loughmore; together with her husband Tom and their daughter, Zara.

Kay initially developed her love of reading and her very unique style of writing, from both her parents, latter Michael and May O’Sullivan; while residing as a child herself in her family home in Rathdowney, just across the border in Co. Laois.

It was from here that she was eagerly encouraged, from an early age, to pursue a clearly developing creative side. Indeed, with the nearest bookshop some twenty kilometres away; Kay well remembers pretending to read from books, using her then wild and vivid imagination to create fanciful, make-believe adventures, thus entertaining younger siblings before the arrival of sleep.

It was following the birth of her daughter Zara, that Kay’s passion for stories and writing was again rekindled, and she began creating imaginary characters, using same in her now newly published book, which targets children aged from 5 to 12 years old.

Kay is adamant that true happiness can only be brought about by having an opportunity to create and therefore lauds both parents and teachers who actively encourage book reading.
Parents and children please note: Kay will also be reading an excerpt from her book and will be signing copies of same on Friday July 19th next.

Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulumcomes highly recommended by Thurles.Info and same would make that perfect gift for lovers of a bedtime story to be read aloud thus beginning a child on that adventure of a lifetime.


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