U.H.L. Worst Overcrowded Hospital In Ireland Today

Limerick University Hospital

Nationally, a new 2019 high of some 606 hospital patients has been reached; each left to be abandoned on trolleys and chairs in corridors and waiting rooms, while all seeking a hospital bed this morning (January 14th 2019).

As is most usual, I regret to write that once again the two worst effected hospitals in Ireland; both servicing the County of Tipperary, are found to be topping the list of the most neglected medical institutions. This is despite the most knowledgeable of medical personnel working here, all to be found performing under the most extreme conditions, being under-provided for and understaffed.

Figures, released by the INMO’s (Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation) Trolley Watch, so far this morning, confirm that University Hospital Limerick, servicing North Tipperary, again tops the poll nationally, with the number of patients waiting having reached 59 persons, while South Tipperary General Hospital, which services South Tipperary, comes in nationally, in second place with 50 persons suffering under similar circumstances.

A total of 439 people nationally are, this morning, waiting within emergency departments, while 167 are located in various hospital wards.

Today’s shameful statistics combined locally and nationally, represent the highest number of patients awaiting a bed, since March of last year, (2018).


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