Tipperary Road Users Urged To Remain Visible

William Willett, the man responsible for our time changes in 1907.

It is the last Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas and the same up and coming weekend when our clocks go back by one hour.

Twice every year Ireland’s clocks change, with residents either losing or gaining one hour. In 2017 our clocks went forward in March and we lost an hour of sleep, which means that on October 29th 2017 next, Tipperary inhabitants will get an extra hour of ‘snooze time’ in bed on Sunday morning.

With clocks going back and evenings getting darker, it is right and proper that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) together with An Garda Síochána should urge pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, ahead of this October Bank Holiday weekend, to ensure that they remain clearly visible, in particular when out and about on our potholed rural roads.

The most effective way to do this is to wear high visibility clothing such as a high visibility vest; a Sam Browne belt; or by carrying a torch and ensuring you have working lights on your bicycle or motorcycle.

Over the past six years, 10 people have been killed and 40 people have been seriously injured coming up to Christmas and over this particular October Bank Holiday period.

Note: To help drivers stay alert behind the wheel over the Bank Holiday Weekend; the RSA and Applegreen will provide free cups of coffee to drivers between the hours 2.00pm and 8.00pm on Friday 27th October and Monday 30th October, at participating service stations. Simply say ‘RSA’ or ‘Driver Reviver’ to the till operator to avail of a free coffee.

A list of participating Applegreen service station locations are available HERE. (With no participating venue in Thurles, perhaps some local business could offer similar sponsorship, to visiting fatigued drivers.)

To date this current year, 124 people have been killed on Irish roads; admittedly a decrease of 36, when compared to the same period last year – but still way too many.

Note Also: The fixed charge penalty for offences in relation to cycle lighting and vehicle lighting is €40 euro, and €60 respectively.


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