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Tipperary Live Register Figures Rise

The number of persons signing on the Live Register in Co.Tipperary rose again in May 2017, with 10,906 people singing on in the county;  5,881 in South Tipperary and 5,025 in North Tipperary.

These figures represent an increase of 107 persons when compared to the previous month of April 2017 when, according to then Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures, 10,866 persons (5,841 in South Tipperary and 4,958 in North Tipperary) were dependant on the Irish State.

This Live Register increase within the county is not reflective of the overall national trend, latter which observed a drop some 0.8 %, according to the same C.S.O figures published.

Tipperary TownsLive Register Increases & Decreases.

Increases:-  Carrick-on-Suir 32;  Cashel 5;  Clonmel 35;  Nenagh 35;  Thurles 63.  Total Live Register increase – 170.
Decreases:- Cahir 7;  Tipperary Town 25;  Roscrea 31.  Total Live Register decrease – 63.

Compared to one year previously (May 2016), we see an overall fall in Live Register figures of some 1,723 persons, when compared to May of 2017.  These reduced figures for the most part are most likely due to emigration and migration, and certainly cannot be attributed to any major job creation in the county, despite Fine Gael / Labour pre-election promises.


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