From Eircom – To Eir – To Eir Con ?

Our politicians and councillors will be all over our radio’s and other media channels come Monday morning next, each hailing the onset of ‘High Speed Broadband’ which is to be rolled out to over 3,250 additional homes across Co. Tipperary shortly.

Each elected representative will be claiming that their two & a half pence worth of verbal contribution to the need for Rural Broadband has had major effect on the ‘powers that be’. Each will rejoice on the fact that they have persuaded same powers to relent, thus ensuring that we rural Hillbillies are truly equal before the law and will soon have full access to all internet Porn Sites, as enjoyed by urban Dublin dwellers for the past number of years.

Yesterday following some sort of press release, those sitting in Eir Board Rooms with their Sales & Marketing executives, were possibly sharing ‘high fives’ and rubbing their hands with delight, following welcoming announcements by community leaders, who incorrectly have been duped into stupidly believing that this announcement by Eir, has the potential to create new businesses in Co. Tipperary.

For Eir to claim that that they will now be rolling out a 1 gigabyte service to 3,250 new homes and businesses in the Premier County during 2017 is far-fetched and the stuff of fantasy, to say the least. Has anyone spotted an Eir van installing fibre optic cable between the towns, for example, of Thurles, Nenagh and Clonmel; extending to the rural outbacks of Cloneen, Golden, Gottenbridge or Ballyporeen?

Can you imagine a 1 gigabyte of service being pumped down the 40 year old copper cables, connecting Upperhurch to the rest of the world?  No, Eir’s rollouts are coming to large populated towns like Thurles, Clonmel, Nenagh, Tipperary etc., where consumers already enjoy 360 megabit download speeds, with most people more than happy with just 120 megabites speeds.

Eir‘s purpose in these claims is to get their hands on already existing Virgin Media & Sky business.

No, alas, there will be no huge benefits accruing to rural businesses, and rural dwellers will not be considering setting up new commercial industry any time soon, from their humble hamlets, brought about by improved ‘High Speed Broadband’ coverage.

You doubt my statement?  View the following sites HERE and HERE and ‘Select your County’. Then reading between the lines, make up your own mind.


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