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Cheer Up – Christmas Bonus On The Way

Still none of the pre election promised jobs for Co. Tipperary to be found in last months CSO Stats published hereunder; but “Cheer Up” with Black Friday over, our Christmas Bonus is on the way.

Warning: Refrain from spending same in the one shop.


Some 1.2 million Social Welfare Recipients and Pensioners will receive their Xmas Bonus possibly by the end of this coming week, at a State cost of €221 million.

Responsible Ministers have signed the necessary order and the bonuses are expected to be paid out between Monday November 28th and Friday, December 2nd 2016, per the Citizens Information Website, details of which can be found by clicking ‘Here‘.

Bonuses in 2016 are promised to equate to 85% of each amount currently paid out to Social Welfare recipients.

Couples with two children in receipt of €372.40 weekly, should receive a Christmas bonus of €316.50.
Single contributory pensioners, in receipt of €233.40 weekly, should receive a Christmas bonus of €198.30.
Single job-seekers in receipt of €188 weekly, should receive a Christmas Bonus of €160.

Be grateful and remember dogs have no money and they are broke their entire lives, but they get through. And of course you know why dogs have no money?  They do not have any pockets.


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