Did You Loose An iPhone?

apple-iphone-4Has anyone lost an iPhone 4 recently in the vicinity of St. Mary’s Churchyard, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary?

Well obviously someone has, as an Apple iPhone 4, model A1332, T-Mobile was found today by a member of staff employed on the grounds.

Same has now been passed onto the Gardaí here in Thurles, [Telephone  (0504) 25100] and can be collected from the Garda Station’s Divisional Headquarters, situated beside Dunnes Stores (Thurles Shopping Centre) on Slieve-Na-Mon Road.

Note: The image shown above is only an image of the communications model device type and not an image of the actual device which was located. The true owner can easily identify the device by its rather unique outer case. Note also that the device may have been stolen elsewhere and later dumped due to password issues.

The device has spent some time in the rain but, I am reliably informed, possibly may be saved, if the following procedure is carried out. Get a common zipper plastic storage bag and fill it up with either uncooked rice, or alternatively, but more difficult to find, packets of silica-gel. Place the iPhone in the plastic bag, ensuring the device is fully immersed in the centre of the rice or the silica-gel and then leave for a minimum of 24 hours.

However remember trying to turn on an iPhone after a water incident, will always pose the risk of damage; so best of luck.


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