Acts Of Anti-Social Behaviour Began Our New Year In Thurles

gardaMy old, culturally superior headmaster always referred to those he regarded as uncivilised, unrefined, insensitive or cruel as being “Uncouth Barbarians.”

Here in Thurles a number of ‘stranded souls’, undeterred by weather, certainly started off 2016 behaving as such; roaming our streets as is their often customary fashion, while carrying out acts of anti-social behaviour.

West of the town, in the Kennedy Park and surrounding area, a number of vehicles had their fuel tanks emptied last night. East of the town, in the area of Kickham Street, a window was smashed around 5:00am this morning.
In the same street the panel of a motor vehicle was also severely damaged; while nearby on Ikerrin Road, two other vehicles, parked temporarily, had their wing mirrors broken off.

Thurles Gardaí are currently examining CCTV footage recorded in the aforementioned areas.

Thurles Gardaí also warn that burglaries increase by up to 25 % over the coming winter months, as criminals avail of the increased hours of darkness with which to perform their unlawful activities. Tipperary Garda Division Inspector Mr Eddie Golden recently warned residents that if they were away from their homes for any lengthy period, to ensure that someone with proven trust was keeping a close eye on their properties.


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