Thurles Gardaí Warn Of “Vishing” Telephone Scam

gardaThurles Gardaí today are warning the public to beware of a ‘telephone scam’ in which persons are being encouraged to part with their private personal data, as part of an overall bogus security call.

Voice Phishing or Vishing

Voice phishing, sometimes referred to as “Vishing” (The word is a combination of “voice” and “phishing”) happens when criminals / fraudsters deceive people into providing personal information, which they then attempt to use later to commit fraud.

The “Vishing” conversation between you (the victim) and the scam artist / fraudster, (the criminal) will basically take on the following format.

(A) You, a member of the public, receive a telephone call to your land-line from an unknown individual who will most likely claim to be a security person from a well-known department store.

(B) the members of the public will be asked to provide personal financial details, as part of the conversation.

(C) When you decline to give required details requested, (Which you, without exception, should always do regardless) the incoming caller politely advises the member of the public to either contact their financial institution, using the telephone number on the reverse of their genuine card, or alternatively to contact the local Gardaí and provide the required information to them. Note: You may also be advised by the fraudster of the name of the local Garda Superintendent, thus appearing to legitimize the need for you to provide your personal financial details.

(D) You, the victim, then hang up and assume you are now phoning back either the bank or the Gardaí as per instructed by the fraudster.

(E) However the original call, connecting you, has never been fully terminated by them and you the victim will end up disclosing your personal banking details to the fraudster or his / her accomplice, who has remained connected to your outgoing telephone line.

Please everyone, do keep in mind that no truly genuine person or representative from any organisation will ever call and seek your personal, private details or other data, either over the phone or by email contact.

Reminder: Thurles Garda Station – Open Day Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Thurles Gardaí would also like to remind the general public that tomorrow (Saturday, September 26th, 2015) the Thurles Station are holding anOpen Day, to which all are invited to attend between the hours 2:00pm and 5:00pm.  This ‘Open Day’ event will grant the observer a more intimate knowledge of the everyday workings of An Garda Síochána in our local community, while also serving as useful to second level and third level students, who may be planning a future career, as a member of Ireland’s much valued police force.


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