Thurles Councillor Speaks Out On Neknomination

fogartySave a life, don’t risk your own.

Tipperary Ógra Fianna Fáil are urging young people to save a life by donating a pint of blood, instead of risking their own safety by participating in the latest online craze known as ‘Neknomination.’

Chairman, Cllr. Gerard Fogarty, explained, “We are calling on young people to think twice before participating in this latest online craze and to donate a pint of blood instead of necking a pint of alcohol.

It has become clear that this game has spiralled out of control. More and more young people are risking their own safety to outdo each other with increasingly outrageous drinking scenarios. This game only serves to normalise binge drinking and reinforce the dangerous message that young people need to get drunk to enjoy themselves.
We are calling on people to drink responsibly and to consider spending the time donating a pint of blood to help save a life, rather than risk their own safety by downing a pint of alcohol simply to impress others. The Irish Blood Transfusion Service regularly call for more donations and visit Thurles and other sites across Tipperary every 3 months. It doesn’t take long, and can save someone’s life. This is an opportunity to turn something destructive into something more positive.”

If Facebook wants to turn this latest disaster into something more positive, it will work to spread the more positive message: “Don’t neck a pint, donate a pint,” concluded Thurles Town Cllr. Fogarty.


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