Tipperary ATM Users Beware.

atmCash Automated Teller Machine (ATM) users are being warned once again about a new skimming device being used by a gang of organised criminals.

Reports indicate that the gang, to date over the past two months, has targeted cash machines in Donegal, Galway, Limerick, Dublin and Cork, while Co Tipperary is not as yet known to have been targeted.

However Tipperary and Thurles students and employees residing in Dublin have been targeted by these skimming devices while attempting to access their accounts.

In the case of one Thurles individual her account was skimmed in Dublin and within one hour was used to attempt the purchase of three iPods in New York City.  Happily the transaction was quickly identified by her Thurles Ulster Bank branch, who immediately contacted her, thus halting the criminal transaction. Apparently unlike Ireland, card users in New York are not asked for PIN numbers when using cards to transact cash, thus making it easy for these organised criminal gangs to operate.

It is understood that these hi-tech card readers have also been wired to some in-store ATMs, so do beware, and be again reminded to always cover your PIN number when using any Automated Teller Machine.


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