Draft Concepts For Liberty Square Thurles

Five draft concepts for the refurbishment of Liberty Square went on display in The Source, Cathedral Street, Thurles, this evening. Same were presented by Principal Landscape Architect Ms Deidre Black (BA MLA MILI) and Senior Transport Engineer Mr Eoin Greene both from URS Ireland.

Concepts were based on submissions from local traders and other interested parties including Thurles Chamber of Commerce.


Concepts include:

Concept 1. Large open space available for facilitation of markets and events based on a symmetrical, clean layout, with a traditional square design.

Concept 2. Similar spaces at both sides of the square, balanced proportions, and again showing symmetrical, clean layout, based on traditional square design.

Concept 3. Wide Pedestrian areas, with sunny part of the Square offering generous provision for footpaths along its full length and balanced between both sides of the Square. (My own personal favourite with perhaps a few small changes.) 

Concept 4. Which offers adequate north western space for events without the need for temporary road closure, yet offering sufficient footpath width on the southern side to accommodate pedestrian movement.

Concept 5. Wide continuous open pedestrian space on the northern part of the Square again providing opportunities for extensive public realm, yet offering good use of this sunny side.

It should be noted that location of trees, market stalls, parallel parking etc are indicative only, and Bus Stops, Taxi Ranks, Pick-Up & Drop Off Areas, Delivery Areas etc are not indicated but can be accommodated in all concepts shown.

Congratulations to URS Ireland on their continued consultation with local Thurles people and their presentations to date.


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