Government Learn That Households Have Trouble Paying Bills

moneyYes austerity really does work, check out the figures below, but first a big thank you from all here in Tipperary, in particular to the Labour Party who continue to support Fine Gael in saving our nation from total collapse by the introduction of laws/taxes, which fail to take into consideration a person’s ability to pay.

Figures from the CSO confirm that some 82% of households had reduced their spending in the third quarter of 2012, as a result of the economic downturn.

The category where spending was most frequently reduced was going out to pubs, restaurants etc (66% of households), followed by clothing, footwear (65% of households) and groceries (51% of households).

Over one third of households who used a car had cut back on their expenditure on this means of transport.

Some 14% of owner occupied households with a mortgage were unable to make mortgage repayments on time at least once in the previous twelve months due to financial difficulties, while on the rental side 19% of all renting households failed to pay rent on time at least once.

Over 40% of households indicated that they had experienced difficulties in keeping up with their bills and debts, while two fifths of individuals were concerned about their level of personal debt into the future.

Over half of these said that they were currently more concerned than they had been twelve months previously. Only 5% indicated that their level of concern had decreased.

Meanwhile RTE has confirmed it was €65.2m in the red last year following a major restructuring of the company. The state broadcaster insists however that it was on target to break even in 2013, and thank God the Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte is on hand to keep a close eye on their finances which in real terms of course means an increase in licence fees, through mobile phone and computer usage is about to be demanded, to ensure they do. Now with plenty of repeat programming and Pat Kenny’s wage packet no longer an issue, this will most certainly be achieved.

Looks like all the numerous holes in this rotten hulk called Ireland are now sealed and we are once more sailing on calm, clear, blue waters, into a bright, new dawn. Expect full employment by a week from next Thursday, but before that expect a few more Labour TD’s to jump overboard very soon.


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