New Irish Political Party NIP Established

NIPA new political party, made up from the reform group Slí Níos Fearr (Irish: A Better Way,) has been established, with same vowing to be different from the current existing political groups.

The spokesperson for the new National Independent Party, (NIP) Mr Martin Critten, stated that they want people to understand that they are ordinary citizens looking to bring this country forward and are unhappy with how the current political system works.

Mr Critten stated: “We also want people to know that if they’re talking to the National Independent Party, that they’re engaging with people who are cognisant of past traditions. They know where we’ve come from, and we want to be able to exercise a balance and a fairness … across all sections of society.

Slí Níos Fearr’s Mission Statement up until now at least has been to attempt to reclaim the current political landscape for the betterment and protection of Irish Citizens. To sponsor social responsibility, reward enterprise and promote education amongst it’s people and not least, to reform the governance of the current Republic for the well being of this country’s inhabitants, with due regard for health, opportunity and security.

Latter surely is the future aspiration of all of us and indeed an undelivered pledge made by our current Fine Gael / Labour coalition government when seeking power at the last election over two years ago.

The party said that between now and the Local elections they will canvass new members to run for the party, which is opening its first constituency office in Limerick on Thursday next.

There could be a job here in Tipperary yet for our soon to be ‘out of work,’ local and county councillors, many of whom are expected to loose their “bar stools,” in the next local elections.


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