Are The Scottish Highland Games Coming To Thurles In 2013?

Question; “What does a Scotsman wear under his Kilt ?”  Honest Answer; “I truly do not know.” However this age old question, which those of you who know the answer have never apparently informed those of us who have failed to find out, may be closer to being uncovered (no pun intended), if rumours, rife and currently circulating here in Thurles this morning, are found to be correct.

This rumour, currently gaining momentum, would appear to indicate that a Scottish Highland Games troupe of up to 60 individuals are all set to descend on our quiet hamlet, on a date as yet to be confirmed, and whose purpose is to hold a Scottish Highland Games style festival.

Trusted sources close to Thurles.Info have confirmed that such an upcoming event is most likely to be announced shortly.

This unconfirmed rumour also states that this intended weekend of festivities will be hosted by the Cabragh Wetland Trust, who by the way are holding an ‘Open Day,’ on Sunday August 11th. This latter ‘Open Day,’ will offer first rate entertainment for all families and their children. Children’s Events are from 2.00pm – 4.00pm, with farm animals to see, water creepy-crawlies to observe, talks and guided walks by our local experts and a pottery wheel demonstration. There will be a Children’s Fancy Dress Show, so start to plan your outfit now. The theme will be “Nature,” so we anticipate a great turn out of birds and animals, with perhaps a few creative minds producing flowers, fish or insects, so do let your imagination run wild. Surely someone can arrive as a convincing stinging nettle, a rabbit or a frog?  Games & Races will include the old traditional Egg & Spoon Race, the Sack Race and a 3-legged Race for those of you with three legsand plenty more for all of the family.

But getting back to the topic of Scottish Highland Games, we contacted Mr Tom Grace of the Cabragh Wetland Trust, Mr P.J. Shanahan President of Thurles Chamber and his Chamber associate Mr Tim Looby, however all three individuals strangely refused to be drawn on this issue, but were also not prepared to either confirm or deny the existence of such an event. Yes, very strange.

What Are Highland Games?

The Highland Games, which are a huge crowd gathering event, are held annually across the Irish sea in the beautiful, wild,  picturesque Scottish Highlands and indeed in many other countries world wide, where boast a strong Celtic/Scottish Community. These games are a way of celebrating Scottish/Celtic culture and heritage, especially that of the Scottish Highlands.

Certain aspects of such games are so well known as to have become emblematic of Scotland.   Bagpipes, the Kilt, and the heavy strenuous gaming events of;  Sheaf Tossing, the Stone Put, Scottish Hammer Throwing and in particular the well known act of  ‘Tossing of the Caber,’ are all synonymous with such events.

While also very much centred on competitions in Piping, Drumming, Dancing, and Scottish Athletics, these games, as already stated, draw a multitude of spectators and never take place without massive entertainment events and exhibitions all relating to other aspects of Gaelic culture.

Highland games are largely a Victorian invention, developed after the Highland Clearances of the late 1700 and 1800’s. Same, like our Irish Famine, resulted in starvation and death, with families either immigrating from the Scottish Highlands voluntarily or being forcibly evicted, thus ending up with these Highland folk moving to overcrowded coastal areas or emigrating like Irish men and women, to the Americas, in ever increasing numbers.

Please Keep Us Informed
This now said, if there are to be big cuddly, handsome, muscular, Scottish guys, with great hairy knees, soon to be found swaggering around this town, we need to be informed. After all it is only proper that our women folk are given the opportunity to leave town or go into hiding, for the duration of any such upcoming event.

Yes folks, something “Fishy,” is going on here, but we plan to get to the bottom of it. So if any of you, our readers, get wind of anything, please do keep us informed and up to date.  Someone somewhere must surely know something!

After all as we say here “Thurles Info is our Name and Thurles Information is our Game.”


6 comments to Are The Scottish Highland Games Coming To Thurles In 2013?

  • Michael


  • Dave Shanks

    The last comment I read said that the games were this weekend, is this true? As a Scotsman living here in Thurles I would love to attend such a gathering, but do I have ma kilt wae me ,,,NAW, and if you want to know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt, well that differs from colour to colour depending on the weather ….

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Dave, You will have a chance to have the Kilt sent on. Weekend of October 5th will be the Thurles Highland Games. Great weekend promised so save up your beer money. Keep an eye on us here at Thurles.Info & we will be giving you all the details shortly including details of parade and special entertainment for our welcome Scottish guests.

  • Dave

    Can you tell me what time the games kick off and where it is going to be held, thanks for your reply, looking forward to it. Cheers George.

  • Dave I have learned that Highland Games have been postponed following a recent meeting. Problems appear to have arisen with logistics. Talks of same being held in June 2014 are now being discussed & subject to further confirmation.

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