Welcome News For Disabled Mobility & Transport Grants

MobilityThe government has approved the continuation of Mobility Allowance and Transport Grants until at least October of this year, when a working group will devise a new scheme and report back to Cabinet.

Thousands of people with severe disabilities receiving this monthly allowance were told four months ago that this payment would be cut. The government were informed by the Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, that it was acting in contravention of the Equal Status Act by not allowing anyone over 66 years old to be eligible for the allowance, latter which is used to help people with a disability with the high costs of transport.

The department then stated that it could not afford to extend the grant, because it would cost up to €100m a year to give people over 66, this mobility allowance and as much as €200m over a three year period.

Ministers today agreed a new scheme to provide individual payments to people with severe disabilities who require additional income to address the costs of their mobility needs.

A working group will now devise the scheme and report back to Cabinet by October of this year.


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