Town & Borough Councils To Be Abolished

boundariesThe Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee Report was published today by Environment Minister Phil Hogan. His redrafting of the Irish Republics boundaries, the biggest since 1985, will also bring about the largest shake-up of council boundaries in almost 30 years, with a dramatic increase in the numbers of councillors in Dublin, Louth, Meath, Wexford and Wicklow, following on from next year’s local elections.

Up to 949 councillors will be elected at the 2014 elections for 31 local authorities.

Extra councillors in Dublin city, county and commuter belt will reflect the growth in population but as expected there will be reductions in the number of councillors in most of the Western, Midland, and Border regions.  This new report affects almost every part of the country, with the exception of Cork city which has been excluded from any decision, for the time being.

Along with the abolition of town councils, the number of councillors is being reduced from 1627 to 949 and the mergers of councils in Limerick, Waterford and our own Tipperary, indicate that the number of councils will be cut from 114 to 31, with the Tipperary merger loosing 7 public representatives.

In July 2011 the Government announced the establishment of a single new council in Tipperary, with effect from the 2014 local government elections, through the amalgamation of the existing North Tipperary and South Tipperary County Councils. The population of County Tipperary based on the 2011 census stands at 158,754. (Broken Down – North Tipp 70,322, South Tipp 88,432.)

The new number of elected members to be assigned to the about newly merged Tipperary County Council is based on the formula “One member for every 4,830 of the existing population,” i.e. (158,754 ÷ 4,830 = 32.8 or 33. )  Additional members: 1 per town council and 4 per borough council, subject to a maximum of 4 (except in merging councils) grants us a further 7 and an overall total of 40 elected members in total.

Local Electoral Areas and recommendations for the democratic elected 40 posts, up for grabs, are shown hereunder:-
Templemore Thurles – 9, Carrick-on-Suir – 6, Clonmel – 9, Nenagh – 9,  Cashel -Tipperary – 7.

Unlike other well paid employment opportunities on offer, no reference whatsoever is cited with regard to a required education standard or other proven professional ability required, so expect applications from the usual Creeps, Snake-Oil Salesmen, Pothole Fillers, the Sons & Daughters of the latter and the current Spoofers, who condemned our children to negative equity.


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