Mid-Western Regional Hospital Limerick Trolley Bound

THSEhe Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick has appealed, for the second time in less than a week, for people not to attend its emergency department, due to overcrowding difficulties.

There were some 38 people restricted to trolleys at the hospital this morning, the largest number of patients confined to trolleys in Ireland today.

Limerick Hospital authorities state that they are unable to explain why this emergency department has been so overcrowded in recent days, since no particular illness has been identified as being a source.

Members of the public from Thurles & North Tipperary, who are forced to depend on this hospitals services, were today being asked not to attend the emergency department at the Regional Hospital in Limerick, unless it is absolutely necessary and were being asked instead to attend their GPs, latter who have also been informed of the crisis at the hospital.

No €124,000 grant aided “three in a bed,” promotion by the HSE in the Mid-West Region it appears.


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