Pilgrim Paths In Ireland By John G. O’Dwyer Thurles

Guide-BookThe latest publication, penned by the hand of Thurles native John G. O’Dwyer, entitled Pilgrim Paths In Ireland, is not just a mere guide book aimed at identifying Ireland’s ancient pilgrim paths. Instead each journey described, paints in words an entertaining narrative in itself, with the author setting out deliberately to carefully recount, in very much detail, his own personal experiences and feelings, as he completes each individual pilgrim route.

This is one publication that is going to be quickly ‘snapped up,’ by organisations, clubs & societies, anxious to raise charitable funding for developmental & other worthwhile project work & all seeking new and inventive ways to raise their much needed future funding & sponsorship.

A founding member of Mid-Tipp Hill Walkers, John G. O’Dwyer is a Thurles based author, Travel Consultant and Tourism Studies teacher, who has spent a quarter century leading, not just large groups through the Irish scenic uplands, but also mountain climbing groups in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Himself a keen hill walker and rock-climber, John consequently has a passion & a magnificent depth of understanding of Ireland’s wild and beautiful upland terrains. Since 2012, he has walked every step of the ancient pilgrim trails of Ireland from Slemish Mountain in the North-east, where many believe Christianity in Ireland had its primary dawning, to the tiny Skellig Michael Island, where in medieval times the known world ended.

This experience has enabled John to produce a comprehensive, readable and thoroughly entertaining guide to Ireland’s mystical trails, all  suitable for pilgrims, walkers, history lovers or those merely seeking an informative and entertaining read.

In his book, each route completed is described in minute detail, with directions as to the starting point, an estimate of the degree of difficulty, the likely time needed for completion, along with appropriate maps and warning alerts regarding any special problems that may be encountered en-route.

John also details, with some humour, the many fascinating and insightful characters he encounters along the way, from poets to pilgrims and peacemakers to pleasure seekers.  Twenty first century Ireland has in many ways rejected the practice of formal religion, yet on the pilgrim trails of Ireland O’Dwyer discovered  “a restless search for spiritual fulfilment that continues to reverberate into the 21st century.”

“Pilgrim Paths In Ireland,” is a first attempt to recount Ireland’s pilgrim paths and contains much to interest pilgrims, environmentalists, historians, those planning an Irish visit, along with casual readers seeking an informative, entertaining and humorous read.

John will launch his book at the Watermill, on Slievenamon Road, Thurles, on Wednesday 27th March at 8.30pm.

Nice opportunity to get an autographed copy of a truly enjoyable publication.


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