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North Tipperary Rate Defaulters To Be Named & Shamed

MacGrathRatepayers, whose accounts show outstanding arrears on the books of North Tipperary Co Council and who are making no effort to pay their legal & just dues, are to be publicly “named and shamed.” So stated County Manager Mr Joe MacGrath at last Monday’s official meeting of North Tipperary Co Council.

Accounts show that more than 20% of all Rate Payers in North Tipperary are now in arrears, with in excess of €1.8 million of these taxes remaining uncollected, carried forward from the Council’s fiscal year 2012.

Mr MacGrath is gravely concerned regarding North Tipperary Co Council’s ability to deliver full services,  while some Rate paying business people, who owe water charges, are refusing to pay or in simply in arrears.

Mr MacGrath stated, that within the Council’s defaulting category, there were a few ratepayers who had made no attempt whatsoever to pay and were frustrating the Co County Council appointed Rate collectors.

While appreciating the current very difficult trading environment now facing many business people in North Tipperary, Mr MacGrath stated that the majority of ratepayers had fully engaged with the Co Council, and where deemed necessary, some had worked out a future payment plan to fully meet their legal commitments.

Manager MacGrath intimated that defaulting Rate Payers were now being put on full & final notice as to North Tipperary Co Council’s future intentions, and he encouraged those who were struggling or refusing to pay their rates, to now engage in dialogue, discussing their particular problems with his Council’s Collection Officials.


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