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Blood Donation Clinic Semple Stadium Thurles

Right now you are wondering what is the best gift you could get a close friend this Christmas.

What better pre-Christmas gift than the gift of life? The Irish Blood Transfusion Service will be visiting Thurles over the coming days, and your gifts of blood, given now, could save the life of a close friend.

WHEN: Tuesday 30th October, 2012, from 2:30 5:30 (Afternoon Clinic). Wednesday 31st October, Thursday 1st & Monday 5th November, 2012 from 6pm – 9pm each day.

So do help save a life, & if further details are required please check their website www.giveblood.ie or contact them on Tel: 061-306980

Ten facts which will help demonstrate how precious your pre-Christmas gift of blood really makes to others in life saving emergency situations.

    1. One in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives.
    2. Only 5% of the population are regular blood donors.
    3. Over 1,000 Irish people receive transfusions every week in Ireland
    4. Just one car accident victim may require up to 30 units of blood, a bleeding ulcer could require anything between 3-30 units of blood and a coronary artery bypass may use between 1-5 units of blood.
    5. Approximately 70,000 patients will have transfusions in Irish hospitals this year.
    6. Approximately 3,000 blood donors are needed each week in Ireland.
    7. A unit of blood lasts for just 35 days.
    8. Some blood packs for new born babies or cancer treatment only lasts for 5 days.
    9. There is no substitute for human blood.
    10. The IBTS supply 71 hospitals in Ireland with blood and blood products 365 days a year.

Go on, you know it makes sense & we thank you, in anticipation, for this very precious Pre-Christmas gift.


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