Please Support Hospital Of Assumption Action On 4th Oct

Hospital Action Group Protest

The Community Hospital of the Assumption Action Group are asking for a huge turnout at their upcoming public meeting tomorrow night Thursday October 4th. The purpose of this meeting is to seek to maintain pressure on our elected representatives and in particular on the Minister for Health Mr James Reilly T.D.

Following the closure of 22 community nursing beds in the Community Hospital of The Assumption Thurles last year, this Action Group now want the firm commitment already given to them at an earlier delegation meeting with James Reilly, to now becomes a reality. Minister Reilly gave a full guarantee that all 22 beds closed would be re-opened and that the hospital would be fully staffed, following a reconfiguration of services promised in January last 2012.

While the campaign by this action committee to date has been well supported, tomorrow night is important, to demonstrate the feelings of neglect felt by Thurles people regarding this matter.

Mr. John Hennessy from the HSE has been invited to attend and local T.D’s as well as opposition spokespersons for health will be expected to be in attendance and to explain their failures to the assembled gathering.

Both the Mayor of North Tipperary, Mr Michael O’Meara and his Deputy Mayor Mrs Pauline Coonan were both conspicuous by their absence at Sunday’s well planned Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon, as so were many of our TD’s, (Bad form guys, gone to ‘The Match,’ presumably) however they may wish to attend this important event. (In the words of Shakespeare, “We know you all, and will awhile uphold the unyoked humour of your idleness.” )

Remember Folks
Venue: Tipperary Institute, opposite Nenagh Road Roundabout, Thurles, Co Tipperary.
Date: Thursday evening October 4th.
Time: Doors open at 7.45pm.

If you love Thurles you will make the effort & support this event.


1 comment to Please Support Hospital Of Assumption Action On 4th Oct

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George! We are following this event about The Assumption Hospital with great interest. This is only one of many example’s as to why Ireland is loosing so many young Nurses and Carers to other countries especially (Australia) Irish Nurses are cherished and respected here. It is well known in the industry how well educated these Nurses are and from my experience Australia can’t get enough of them. My Uncle was in the Assumption Hospital in the 80’s and the Nurses and carers were brilliant. George what is wrong with James Reilly TD that he cannot see what these carers are about 22 beds and more ‘must” be restored now.
    These are the wonderful and experienced people who care for the sick and frail people and they should know what is best! I can assure Mr.Reilly & Co. there job is far harder than sitting in Council Chambers all day “I know”

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