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Tipperary Lose Heavily To Kilkenny

It is a repeat of the Leinster final and Kilkenny are now set to meet Galway in the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, having trashed Tipperary by 4-24 to 1-15 in today’s semi final at Croke Park, in front of 50,220 spectators.

There is no doubt that Tipperary were bet by a better team, with Kilkenny playing an exceptional second-half and continuously winning almost every battle, raining down ball on Tipperary, which the latter seemed incapable of answering.

The early first half saw a ferocious battle of skill and tough physical contact from both sides, but exceeding all sporting expectations. However some of the exchanges on both sides during the match must now raises questions regarding the consistency of the refereeing.

Kilkenny started the scoring with a point from Aidan Fogarty, which was quickly answered by Pa Bourke.  Lar Corbett got a cut to his face in a tangle with Jackie Tyrrell. Tipperary midfielder Shane McGrath puts Tipperary in the lead with another point, but this is answered by Michael Fennelly. Shefflin converts from a free following a foul on Eoin Larkin and Aidan Fogarty lands his second point of the match. The score is now Kilkenny 0-04 Tipperary 0-02.

Despite the aid of a strong breeze behind the Tipperary goal, Richie Power sends over another point answered by points from Pa Bourke & Noel McGrath. Michael Rice adds his contribution of a further point & Tipperary’s Brendan Cummins makes a brilliant save from Colin Fennelly at point-blank range. With the aid of TJ Reid, Kilkenny are in the lead by 0-07 to Tipperary’s 0-05.

Two points from Pa Bourke see both sides level for the fourth time with Kilkenny’s Tommy Walsh forced to block the ball on his goal line in a truly brilliant save. Colin Fennelly & Henry Shefflin stretch Kilkenny’s lead with two further points.  A perfect hand pass from Shefflin sets up TJ Reid with a goal fired low on Cummins. Kilkenny are now 1-09 to Tipperary’s 0-07.

Kilkenny’s joy is short lived however when Lar Corbett dispossesses Kilkenny goalkeeper David Herity and Bourke shoots a goal into an empty net. Only two points now separate the teams. The effort supplied mainly by Pa Bourke will leave Tipperary at half time leading by one point, the score, Tipperary 1-10 to Kilkenny’s 1-09.

The second half sees Lar Corbett late coming back on the pitch and scoring is quickly opened by Kilkenny’s Henry Shefflin & Aidan Fogarty and answered by Tipperary’s Pa Bourke. The scores are now once again level for the eight time, Tipperary 1-11 Kilkenny 1-11.

Tipperary from then on appear to become disintegrated.  Henry Shefflin drives over a point & Lar Corbett and Jackie Tyrrell are deservedly both booked. Kilkenny’s Richie Power points from a free & Aidan Fogarty finds the goal mouth on the wrong side of Cummins. Kilkenny are now 2-14 to Tpperary’s 1-12.

Pa Bourke & Shefflin exchange frees & Cillian Buckley also adds his name to the score board.  Kilkenny captain Eoin Larkin gets past Paul Curran to score a 3rd Kilkenny goal. Score stands Kilkenny 3-16 Tipperary 1-13.

Frustration now hits the Tipperary team, who fail miserably to open up play.  Points from Kilkenny’s Shefflin, Brian Hogan & a goal plus a further point from TJ Reid, were only answered with two points from Tipperary substitute John O’Neill, leaving a full time score of Kilkenny 4-24 to Tipperary 1-15.

Kilkenny now go through to their seventh All-Ireland Final in a row and the legend that is Kilkenny & Brian Coady continues, while Tipperary must wait yet another year.


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