South Tipperary Tops Child Neglect League

According to a report this week in the Irish Examiner a new HSE review of its Child and Family services, shows Tipperary South had the highest level of child neglect in the country at 30.3%, just ahead of Dublin West.

Of the almost 6,000 children in care nationally at the end of 2010, 442 came from the North Lee area of Cork City — the highest figure for any one area in the country.

The review also showed that 31 children had been in residential care for more than five years, half the 2006 figure. The primary reasons for admission into the care system were split into three categories:- Abuse, Child Problems and Family Problems.

The report, under the headline “primary reason for welfare concern following initial assessment“, showed that a family member abusing drugs or alcohol, were a major factor. Other significant issues were where a child displayed emotional/behavioural problems, parent separation/absence, and financial difficulty.


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