Thurles Piemontese Beef Goes On Sale In Costcutters

I got my first taste ever of Irish Piemontese beef at the recent “Tipperary Fayre Festival” held in Thurles recently, organised by Thurles Chamber of Commerce.

First Impressions – Simply delicious, fabulously tender. Especially loved the beef burgers. Tastes like meat used to taste.

When we talk about meat, lets be honest we men would be eating out of dustbins were it not for our discerning and dedicated women folk. So when it comes to buying meat the real connoisseur of product quality rests solely in the very capable hands of the fairer sex. This in mind, I therefore address particularly our lady readers.

Irish Piemontese beef is now a quality Irish product produced on our doorstep here in Two Mile Borris, Thurles, Co Tipperary. Better still this product will be available in McKevits Costcutters, Friar Street, Thurles from this Friday, June 8th next.

Local Two Mile Borris, farmer John Commins and his business partner Michael Fennelly from Co Laois have been breeding purebred Piemontese animals since 2005. They have imported breeding stock directly from Italy to develop an Irish Piemontese herd, with a view to bringing this healthy beef to the Irish Consumer.

Piemontese beef (From the region of Piedmont in Northern Italy) has all the nutritional benefits and flavour of beef that is low in fat, cholesterol and calories, but rich in essential fatty acids and tender every time, thanks to a specific gene natural to the Piemontese breed. The product is actually lower in fat and cholesterol than either chicken or Salmon.

Piemontese cattle are a beef breed of medium size, however the quality of commercial cuts is higher than that of bigger-sized breeds. The breed is light boned with a fine elastic skin and a low quantity of fat, thus producing lean and tasty meat that is also extremely tender.

In recent years there has been a massive increase in the popularity of this meat, but don’t take my word for it, just pop into Costcutters on Friday and taste it in-store for yourself. Personnel will be on hand to answer all or any queries.

For two long Supermarkets everywhere, have been selling us a product more akin to pre-packed, stringy, tasteless, shoe leather, so do give this product a try, I think you will be very pleased.

Note: The Irish Piemontese Beef website contains information on recipes and cooking instructions. See Link: Irish Piemontese Beef

Remember Friday next June 8th McKevits Costcutters, Friar Street, Thurles, Co Tipperary


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