General Synod Affirms Traditional Marriage Teaching

 Alan Harper addresses Synod of the C of I.

The General Synod of the Church of Ireland, which began on Thursday last, concluding yesterday, have passed a motion affirming the church’s traditional teaching on marriage, by a two to one majority, today.

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne & Ross, Paul Colton and the Bishop of Cashel & Ossory, Michael Burrows, did not support the motion.

The motion, which was proposed by the Archbishop of Dublin, Michael Jackson and the Bishop of Down & Dromore, Harold Miller, was supported by 81 clergy and 154 laity, and was opposed by 53 clergy and 60 laity.

The motion, which was passed yesterday, was first been introduced at last Thursday’s session, but was withdrawn by Synod President Archbishop Alan Harper, following a point or order. However, following modification, it was again reintroduced for debate.

Gay members of the Church of Ireland have reacted strongly against today’s decision.

The Synod also requested its standing committee to further progress work on the issue of human sexuality, in the context of Christian belief.


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