Modern Voice Of An Irish Immigrant

The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant,” distributed by Ingram Books, is author Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon’s fascinating account of her experiences growing up in late 20th century Ireland, as one of a family of twelve children. It recalls the struggle for autonomy and independence that would eventually lead to the author’s decision to immigrate to Virginia in the United States.

Thurles born (Mitchel Street) Irish author Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon, is a former teacher, who first moved to the U S A in the late 1980’s. She has been a successful freelance writer for the past fifteen years and is currently working on her second book. Imelda presently resides with her husband and their son in Virginia and travels home here to Thurles as frequently as her busy schedule presently allows.

In her book, Imelda speaks honestly of the personal conflicts she experienced as a child growing up in Thurles and the overzealous paternal control that she feels dominated her early life. The reader eagerly and understandably follows the author’s journey, as she weaves between her experiences in both Ireland and America.

This book shows us, that through a deep commitment to personal growth, one can indeed emerge whole and feel confident to enjoy a full and complete life.

Among the highly interesting topics the book explores is the changing face of the Catholic Church both here in Ireland and the United States. It also demonstrates the uniform wish of immigrants abroad, to attempt to recreate the best of that culture they experienced before leaving, what it is to be a conscientious parent, the realisation and reality that all of us arrive at, when experiencing ill and aging parents, and the joy of the discovery of a life that can often be a somewhat challenging effort.

Reading this book one is reminded of the Poet Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’; “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both, and be one traveller.” This is an honest, thought provoking good read, encouraging its readers, as individuals, to look back, re-examine and attempt to justify our ‘road not taken.’


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