Victim Of Thurles Assault Dies

It is with deepest regret we report that James Tynan, a native of Johnstown Co Kilkenny and the young man seriously assaulted here in Thurles in the early hours of Sunday morning last, has passed away earlier this evening.

James had spent Saturday evening at a night club here in Thurles, and was leaving this venue when he was set upon in what many confirm as an unprovoked attack by a man in the town square.

A 22-year-old man who was being questioned in connection with the assault has been released without charge tonight and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The incident may now be upgraded to the status of a murder enquiry. There was CCTV in the vicinity of where the incident happened and gardaí, headed by Supt Pat Lordan, are trawling through this footage as part of their investigation.

James was an extremely popular and much loved young man, who worked with his father Pascal in Tynan Meats, in Johnstown, Co Kilkenny.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents, stepsisters, girlfriend, close family members and his multitude of adoring friends.

Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam dílis.


9 comments to Victim Of Thurles Assault Dies

  • Michael

    R.I.P James. Thurles on a weekend is becoming weird and dangerous.

  • Chris

    It doesn’t remove the shame we all feel here in Thurles this happened but its not people from Thurles doing it. The guy was from Templemore and has a string of previous convictions. My thoughts are with the victims family / friends. We need that cctv urgently and more Gardai on patrol at night time.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George. Glad you cleared this up where this thug came from. The papers here just kept repeating he came from Thurles. I did respond to their mistake. Michael, there is good and bad in every country. R.I.P. James. Question ‘ Why don’t the pubs and hotels have there own security as we have here in Australia. We have these 6ft Máori security people every where and goodness knows we have plenty of these men around Thurles. Why not train them as security guards lets face it the Gardai can’t be everywhere.One look at these burley Máori’s would make thugs sit up and think about there actions.

  • Chris

    It will be on Prime Time about this Thursday. No disrespect to the family as I personally think the guy who did this should be named and shamed and his face plastered on every newspaper and sentenced for it. But this will be bad publicity for the town, and much worst crimes have happened in this country yet something happens in Thurles and the RTE cameras are down here in a shot, showing the whole town on TV like every street here has violence/anti social behaviour on it. No doubt it will be about alcohol. They forget North Tipperary exists most the time. Only news that is ever shown on RTE from here is negative.

  • Saw it advertised on RTE at lunch time as a Prime Time special. Certainly is a change to see them move out of Dublin. I will hold my tongue until I view. I trust they have interviewed local residents, in pursuit of the truth.

  • Chris

    It was such a emotional interview, It is good his family have spoken out on TV as it will put it into the minds of young people who watched the show to not behave like this on our streets.

    I’m shocked Prime Time didn’t do there usual exploit the victim with tough questions, make assumptions about alcohol ‘drinking is bad, crime on the streets’ reports they usually do.

  • Did not see the interview yet Chris, but have it recorded for viewing later.

  • Niamh

    My name is Niamh and James Tyan was my 1st cousin. To see the comments you guys are leaving means alot. Yes the person who did that to my cousin should be named and shamed but for legal reasons he can’t be. The interview was heartbreaking for my Aunt and cousin but it needed to be done. If anyone wants to help us, please sign the petition we have set up. We’ve started a campaign to take to the Dail to get the government to utilise the guards that are available for the better. There arent’t enough gaurds on the streets especially when all the nightclubs are ending and everyone is pouring out onto the streets. We want to be sure that no other family goes through what we had to go through. Please sign this to help.

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