Recycle Used Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil is used extensively in every home, especially when storing left over food in your refrigerator, where it serves the purpose of preventing odour exchange, while also retaining food freshness.

Most homes use it just once, before discarding in the bin, but think again. Washed in soap and water and flattened on your worktop using your rolling pin, this product is as good as new.  (Warning: Aluminum foil that has come in contact with uncooked meat products, should not be reused for any other food purposes.)

Eight Uses For Recycled Aluminum Foil

  1. Throw a crumpled piece of aluminum foil into your clothes dryer to reduce static cling in your clothing.
  2. Ladies, stuff wads of recycled old aluminum foil into leather shoes and boots, to assist them in retaining their shape when stored.
  3. When folded into 8 or 10 layers, this thick foil can be used successfully to sharpen that old blunt scissors, a pruning shears or garden hedge clippers. Just cut through the folded foil a few times, for an instant sharp edge. Fold it into thicker layers for those larger implements.
  4. When painting, recycled foil is handy for masking fixtures and fittings which you do not want paint destroying. It can also be used to keep your paint brush or roller from drying out during an extended tea break.
  5. Crumpled foil makes a great scouring pad for your pots and pans, your burnt BBQ grill and even inside your kitchen oven.
  6. If you enjoy gardening, young growing plants, surrounded by crumpled kitchen foil, can also be protected from hungry birds and uninvited nibbling insect life. Push a stick through the foil to hold in place against wind. Cats, in particular and indeed other animals take an instant dislike to strips of used foil when hung on string and strategically placed around vegetable patches.
  7. Forget steel wool, use recycled aluminum foil to clean rust and dirt from steel and chrome. Your silver also can be brought back to life, when given a rub with foil, using baking soda or table salt.
  8. Wrap aluminum foil around a bolt or screw, which has lost its thread and then tighten it again for that secure temporary fix.

Remember the old saying “Waste not, Want not.”


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