Name Change For LIT Campuses Possible

Dr. Maria G. Hinfelaar, President LIT.

Confirming Limerick Institute of Technology’s (LIT) new national strategy, which is to develop into a technological university, Dr Maria Hinfelaar president of the Institute, has hinted that a change of name may be one of the Universities considerations in the near future.

Due to rapid expansion, LIT now commands three campuses in Limerick city, two in County Tipperary, with outreach centres also in both county Limerick and county Clare, employing some 550 people. Following the launch of its fifth and newest school, LIT Tipperary, in September last,  LIT increased its total student population to over 7,000 full time and part time learners.

Speaking at the graduations of over 1,800 students recently, Dr Hinfelaar explained “We cannot rest on our laurels after the integration of the Tipperary Institute – we will not achieve Technological University status on our own and will have to work with our partners. So if I am to stand here again in a few years time, we may be called something else and be part of something much bigger. That is how the present landscape is being redrawn and LIT will be at the forefront of this evolution.”

Speaking to graduates, Dr Hinfelaar encouraged all present not to simply judge their future success solely on their own personal professional accomplishments, but rather on how they have contributed to society as a whole, through positive active citizenship.


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