George Mordaunt’s Remarkable Story Shepherd’s Pie

Author George Mordaunt will speak on Family Business, Recession & Recovery, at the Horse & Jockey Hotel on Tuesday next, the 8th November
at 6.30pm.

George Mordaunt’s family car business in Clonmel was one of the huge success stories during the boom years, but alas came crashing down in spectacular fashion, when this current recession hit.

George has now put his story in print, in a remarkable book called “Shepherd’s Pie: Family Business, Recession & Recovery – The Real Story

This book is a brutally honest and brave account of what happened and of how he has managed to survive and start all over again. Ireland is insolvent because of mismanagement, corruption and greed. We have been bombarded with and infuriated by reports of self-serving bankers, developers and government ministers.

To date, the general public has not had an account of the devastating effect of this crisis on Irish-owned business, as it tries to pick up the pieces. Irish businesses are trying to cope with insolvency, arrears, liquidation – the rate of suicide among the self-employed in Ireland has trebled in the last 3 years. George Mordaunt believes that many Irish businesses are now dysfunctional, not because of the recession, but because of the reaction of business owners to this recession – and specifically their reaction to their banks.

With raw honesty he outlines the effect this reaction has had on himself, his young family, his marriage and his business. He shares his most private moments of despair and fear, while demonstrating how business owners can salvage their businesses and that we now have a core responsibility to get back to basics in all levels of Irish life.

His talk will be of interest to many struggling to survive in business today and this talk therefore is an event not to be missed on Tuesday next.

The talk is presented by Network North Tipperary and anyone interested in attending can email for further details.

George Mordaunt’s book “Shepherd’s Pie: Family Business, Recession & Recovery – The Real Story” is a ‘Must Read.’


3 comments to George Mordaunt’s Remarkable Story Shepherd’s Pie

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George this is just terrible news for Irish business. Have you heard the name Irish Tatoes well Woolworths announced yesterday they intend to import foods from Ireland and Tatoes will be in there stores sometime this month, are they what we call potatoe chips. I can assure you if Woolworths dont put ridiculous prices on the Irish food they will sell well. ( Here is one of many examples!! I used to buy chicken curry sauce which came from England at $3.45 absolutely lovely its now jumped to $6.00 of course I dont buy it anymore.The Irish shops are all gone from here a few still in Sydney.George we took ourselves off to see Ireland play GAA against Australia on Friday night but as usual the Aussies had to show there aggression they just cant help themselves it is drummed into them from a very early age to win win.Ireland played very well and we did fly the Irish flag high.Ireland won of course and a great night was had by all.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George. After receiving several Phone Calls regarding Irish food imports now in Woolworths stores I am off to investigate I have been told there not cheap!!! and I am very keen to know what part of Ireland these imports are coming from.!! George can you or one of your readers enlighten me as to where or if there is a Maxfactor factory in Ireland. I bought a maxfactor Mascara which stated on the lable “Made in Ireland” Procter & Gamble United Kingdom very confusing because none of the Irish I have spoken to know of such a factory in Ireland.”Just to cheer your readers up a bit we have a hot 30 deg heat here on the Gold Coast and going to have a swim now if I can chase the messy birds off the side of the pool.I think George we will have to buy a rubber alligator every one else seems to be doing just that must be something in it.

  • Chris

    Proctor and Gamble do have two manufacturing plants in Nenagh here in Tipperary ( and Newbridge Co Kildare, so it could have come from either one of these factories.

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