Masked Vandals Smash Car Windows

Picture Of Golf Club Used In Car Attack

It has come to the attention of that a gang of masked vandals smashed several car windows and did other damage along Kickham Street and in Monakeeba early last Tuesday Morning. A golf club was used to smash the back windows of several cars along Kickham Street at approx 1 AM on Tuesday morning, on the 1st November. A piece of the golf club (See Picture) was found next to one car that was attacked. The make of the golf club used is a ‘Howson’. The number of cars attacked is unclear, but a local resident estimated about 8 cars were attacked.

It is understood that 4 men were seen causing the damage at the time. The masked gang were allegedly dressed in Red and White Hoodies and wore white masks, possibly Hockey Masks like those seen in the film ‘Halloween’. It is believed that these men were costumed like this for the ‘Halloween Festival Weekend’ that took place in Thurles last weekend.

The owners of the cars were furious when they discovered the damage, especially as their normal car insurance doesn’t cover damage to back windows and found they would have to pay approx €300+ each, to have the damage repaired.

We are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or even perhaps taken pictures of these vandals over the Halloween weekend, to get in touch with the local Garda Station in Thurles at (0504) 25100.


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  • Caroline Ely

    This kind of mindless vandalism makes me wonder what is the world turning into, to say that some of todays youths have nothing better to do than cause misery and hardship to others makes me very sad. I know there is not much facilities or centres available for certain youths that may find themselves in trouble or in difficult circumstances but nothing justifies this type of behaviour, and again for the perpetrators to learn any type of lesson for this behaviour the justice system fails us the public and the victims. I am not saying jail is the answer far from it for a lot of youths it is not the answer it just fuels them to go on and become bigger criminals and act out bigger crimes, it is the year 2011 and I am sure there are other ways or ideas that can be used to put a stop to some of this mindless crime and vandalism, granted there are some crimes and some people that have to be served with jail but as I said this does not solve problems for others only causes misery and pain to the innocent public victims that have to suffer such as these people who have to find hard earned cash to repair there cars that their livelyhood depends on. I am reading this as a total outsider not a victim but I sympathise with those whose property was damaged and it scares me to think what is going to happen in the next few years and I have children myself, but they were brought up with one word RESPECT and thats a word that is very scarce today in our modern society.

  • This is one of the most! disguisting,acts of Vandalism,that I am hearing about,, The Law should be somewhat MORE aggressive, without – being Strong-Armed,, ,, Sorry to say
    Peace to ona agus all,
    regards from the Banks of the Lovely Choptank-river,in Maryland, Tiobraid Arann Abu, agus , the BAGGIES/with Shane-Long,, get well soon, he was badly missed Saturday, .v the Gunners.. ?

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