Beware of Scammers

It has come to our attention that Thurles is once again being targeted by scammers this week. I myself received a scam phone call yesterday from an Indian-sounding person saying that my computer was infected. This is the notorious Indian PC Scam whereby the caller tries to convince you that they are calling from ‘Windows Care’ and that your computer is infected.

If you receive such a call DO NOT switch on your computer. It is a total scam that could end up costing you a lot of money. Their scam involves them fixing an imaginary problem with your PC and then they bill you €90, and a further €200 per year!!

Also, this week, I received a scam text message. The text message says that “Your access to Open24 Online Banking has been suspended. Please go to…(website)” Once again this is a total scam, DO NOT go to the website mentioned. This scam involves them trying to get access to your bank account! For more information about this type of scam, visit our article called Beware Of Scam Text Messages.

Remember, when in doubt, hang up the phone. Be vigilant, tell your friends, and let’s all make sure these scammers get nothing from us.


3 comments to Beware of Scammers

  • Michael

    When you’re talking to someone you don’t know, you don’t know what’s in their mind. If you hear the word FREE mentioned you should get worried.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    My goodness!! Australia is not the only country been caught by these scammers.A lot of elderly people have including a very smart Irish friend of ours he would be the last person one would think would have been caught by these scammers so it can happen to anyone they are very persistent just be alert when your Phone rings. It was usualy between 5 & 7 in the evening we got these calls.We now have an answering machine with ID call on 24 hours per day and it works wonders.A piece of good advise!! Dont use your own voice on the answering machine our dealer helped us with an alternative voice its great. We no longer get these nuisance calls, Michael you are quite right we never accept any offer which is suppose to be free there is always a catch.

  • Michael

    You are dead right Katie, and answer (as I often did) with the “Hail Mary” in irish and they won’t ring again.

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