Gardaí Seek High Speed Pursuit Training At Templemore

Garda Dave McMahon, a delegate at the Garda Representative Association (GRA) annual conference, said members want a new advanced course covering high-speed chases, to be implemented at the Garda College in Templemore, Thurles, Co Tipperary. Front-line Gardaí are seeking an end to high-speed car chases, until such time as they  receive training in high speed driving.

Currently there is a standard two-week driving course for Garda recruits, but a backlog now means that many officers are currently driving without basic training, acting on the authority of  Chief Superintendent grade.  The (GRA) states officers fear risking their lives and the lives of others during dangerous pursuits of detected criminals.

Garda Dave McMahon, Tralee, Co Kerry stated, “Our concern is we are endangering ourselves, our passengers and obviously other road users.” Garda Officers are only permitted to travel at high speed serious and emergency cases, such as armed robberies and murder, using flashing blue lights and sirens.

Officers are particularly worried about being investigated by the independent Garda Ombudsman or being hauled before the courts for traffic violations.

The GRA, which represents rank and file officers, passed a motion at their recent conference in Westport, Co Mayo, demanding an end to fast car chases until training and regulations are reviewed.

Many of the Garda cars are not fast enough to catch up with some more powerful vehicles currently on our roads and the Garda Force are reporting that old Garda cars are being lost from their fleet at a rate of one a day and are not being replaced, due to cutbacks.


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